10 things that a student studying abroad faces while returning back home!

  1. You feel like you are wrapped around with a hot cloth! 

Especially if your home is in tropical areas such as India and you study in cold countries like Sweden, you would feel this! For a week, I kept asking all the people in my family, “Don’t you feel quiet uncomfortable and hot?” and I get sarcastic “No”!


2. You are most wanted in the Kitchen

Since you are well versed in cooking, be prepared to be called often to kitchen in help in cooking. Sometimes, you will be asked to cook something new for your family! And when you have some food-loving siblings, just like I do, yes, better manage your time 😛


3. You are more prone to use tap water

In case if you happen to be in countries where you don’t have to treat the water before use, you might be in trouble when you are in countries like India and other Asian countries! I almost drunk the tap water in a couple of occasions!


4. You will be taking extra care to save electricity 

When you have been in power-excess countries where people don’t care about saving electricity,  you must be attentive to switch off the appliances!


5. You find lovely food all around and can’t wait to have a taste! 

When you are back home, you know where to get the best and tasty food. So while coming back, you will be having a check list to visit all the new places. Usually you come to know them from your Facebook friend’s check-ins! The first food I ate on landing India was a plate of hot Idly and Sambar 😛


6. You start to mark you calendars more often 

Because of your extensive friends and relatives circle, you will often get many number of engagements – Your friends and family will be asking you over a date, and you will be welcomed to all your relatives home and so you will have to manage time!


7. And so you have to repeat your one year of story often 

And so tell me, “How was your experience”, “How are things there?” “Have you got enough friends” “What do you do in free time?”, “How do you manage your food?”. So be prepared to answer these often and most importantly, with the same enthusiasm with everyone 🙂


8. Be prepared to face the traffic congestion

Especially when you hail from a country who boast of one of the highest populations on earth, you better again have to learn to be with traffic congestions. If you had your time, then you might face something like these also,


9. You are expected to bring candies lots of candies! 

Whenever you return from abroad, whether you are a student or not, you are expected to bring tonnes of chocolates, toffies and candies for your friends, relatives and others!


10. You get frustrated with the speed of the Internet 

When you will be cruising internet at the fastest speeds, you will easily lose your temper at speeds which are just a fraction of those high speeds!