Touring Kattegat ~ Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Malmö and Lund – Checked â˜‘

Although, it has been more than a month after this tour, I really did find time just now to pen down this experience. Please don’t think I’m that busy as a beaver 😛 I was just hibernating. Okay okay fine! Alright, I just had a couple of weeks. So, I started to think about the places that I can visit. When it comes to Europe, there are quite a lot of confusions with respect to the group of countries that are being referred to. There is something called as Schengen area, Eurozone, EEA, European Union, Scandinavian countries, Nordic countries… Uff!!! People love complicating simple things. Having thought too much about this, I got extremely frustrated and I did Inky Pinky Ponky on the google maps! I suppose I didn’t hurt my computer screen 😀 and guess where I landed? It was gulf of Kattegat! Unfortunately that was a water area. But there were lands around it. It is in west coast of Sweden and east coast of Denmark. Yaaaay! So immediately booked my tickets to Denmark and I figured that I could also visit the nearby towns such as Gothenburg, Malmö and Lund! I still haven’t seen much of Sweden except for Stockholm and Kiruna. So the list goes like this – Gothenburg, Malmö and Copenhagen and Lund. Another reason why I loved this trip was this area was often spoken in Vikings!

The only thing I had been knowing about Denmark was Danish pastries until I stepped into the land of Danes! Surprisingly I had known from the tour guide that either the Danish pastries nor the great danes are not originally from Denmark! BAM! A big blow on my cheeks :D. Other interesting thing to note here is that Bluetooth is named after King Harald Bluetooth, a Danish king who united two tribes although though their languages were different. Ericsson was developing the technology and incidentally on of the team member got to read about King Bluetooth and so his name was given to this technology! Bluetooth symbol is also a combination of initials of Harald Bluetooth. A must say about the boat ride through the waters of copenhagen! Added to that was a brilliant sun shine. See for yourself in the video. I have captured some amazing clips 🙂

Rest of it, watch the video 😉

Gothenburg is the second biggest city in Sweden but it didn’t seem so for me. It was quite huge! Unlike Stockholm, my friends there told me there isn’t much to see and so they suggested me to visit an island called Styrsö Bratten. If you can’t understand how to pronounce it, just chuck it. It really does not matter. But what matters here is about the journey to the islands! Cruising over the North sea and the gulf of Kattegat hopping through the islands of the archipelago was incredible! The whole noon was well spent just roaming in the island. I seriously wish I had a summer retreat home there!

See for yourself about my experience there!

Next stop was Malmö. This particular part of trip would be a milestone in my memory because I completed my Advanced Communicator Bronze program in Toastmasters here in Malmö Toastmasters club. However more fantasy was added because of my couch surfing experience. Haven’t seen such a warm and welcoming host anywhere! Added to that, there was already a PG at his home who apparently was from Chennai and so we all bonded together. Having seen the white sandy beaches of porsche Lomma, had sometime to go around the city with my new chinese friend who also happened to be a couch surfer like me 😉 Next day was at Lund, a historic old town, oops a small town! It was so small but it was not compromising on elegance! It hosts one of the oldest universities in Sweden – Lund University. If you ever happen to be at Lund, do visit Kulturen – a

Photo and Video collage of Malmö and Lund,