Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was not only famous in India but he was a guiding light to the world also. His loss is a very big one. A small tribute from my part,


Out of nowhere, you came
To bring India, lots of fame.
Sun has set but it will rise.

When we see you, we scream your name!
But you made us dream in our game.
Sun has set but it will rise.

Though you had crossed a difficult path,
You had showed us our path!
Sun has set but it will rise.

You had no children for your own
But every child knows you as the next father of our nation
Sun has set but it will rise.

While we were lost in cricket 2020,
You reminded us about India 2020!
Sun has set but it will rise

I rejoice, rejoice and rejoice
For I have seen you, but
I mourn, mourn and mourn
For I will not be able to see you again
Sun has set but it will rise.

Although you are lying on fire,
You had set us on fire
And our wings also on fire!
Sun has set but it will rise.

Every rising sun has to set
But it will rise.
And so shall we!
Sun has set but it will rise.

We shall dream that dream
Which will not make us sleep!
Sun has set but IT WILL RISE.


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Touring Kattegat ~ Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Malmö and Lund – Checked ☑

Although, it has been more than a month after this tour, I really did find time just now to pen down this experience. Please don’t think I’m that busy as a beaver 😛 I was just hibernating. Okay okay fine! Alright, I just had a couple of weeks. So, I started to think about the places that I can visit. When it comes to Europe, there are quite a lot of confusions with respect to the group of countries that are being referred to. There is something called as Schengen area, Eurozone, EEA, European Union, Scandinavian countries, Nordic countries… Uff!!! People love complicating simple things. Having thought too much about this, I got extremely frustrated and I did Inky Pinky Ponky on the google maps! I suppose I didn’t hurt my computer screen 😀 and guess where I landed? It was gulf of Kattegat! Unfortunately that was a water area. But there were lands around it. It is in west coast of Sweden and east coast of Denmark. Yaaaay! So immediately booked my tickets to Denmark and I figured that I could also visit the nearby towns such as Gothenburg, Malmö and Lund! I still haven’t seen much of Sweden except for Stockholm and Kiruna. So the list goes like this – Gothenburg, Malmö and Copenhagen and Lund. Another reason why I loved this trip was this area was often spoken in Vikings!

The only thing I had been knowing about Denmark was Danish pastries until I stepped into the land of Danes! Surprisingly I had known from the tour guide that either the Danish pastries nor the great danes are not originally from Denmark! BAM! A big blow on my cheeks :D. Other interesting thing to note here is that Bluetooth is named after King Harald Bluetooth, a Danish king who united two tribes although though their languages were different. Ericsson was developing the technology and incidentally on of the team member got to read about King Bluetooth and so his name was given to this technology! Bluetooth symbol is also a combination of initials of Harald Bluetooth. A must say about the boat ride through the waters of copenhagen! Added to that was a brilliant sun shine. See for yourself in the video. I have captured some amazing clips 🙂

Rest of it, watch the video 😉

Gothenburg is the second biggest city in Sweden but it didn’t seem so for me. It was quite huge! Unlike Stockholm, my friends there told me there isn’t much to see and so they suggested me to visit an island called Styrsö Bratten. If you can’t understand how to pronounce it, just chuck it. It really does not matter. But what matters here is about the journey to the islands! Cruising over the North sea and the gulf of Kattegat hopping through the islands of the archipelago was incredible! The whole noon was well spent just roaming in the island. I seriously wish I had a summer retreat home there!

See for yourself about my experience there!

Next stop was Malmö. This particular part of trip would be a milestone in my memory because I completed my Advanced Communicator Bronze program in Toastmasters here in Malmö Toastmasters club. However more fantasy was added because of my couch surfing experience. Haven’t seen such a warm and welcoming host anywhere! Added to that, there was already a PG at his home who apparently was from Chennai and so we all bonded together. Having seen the white sandy beaches of porsche Lomma, had sometime to go around the city with my new chinese friend who also happened to be a couch surfer like me 😉 Next day was at Lund, a historic old town, oops a small town! It was so small but it was not compromising on elegance! It hosts one of the oldest universities in Sweden – Lund University. If you ever happen to be at Lund, do visit Kulturen – a

Photo and Video collage of Malmö and Lund,

Live Blog on the talk of Shri Pranab Mukherjee in Sweden

On 2nd June the Honourable President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee at Uppsala University gave a talk on “Tagore and Gandhi, do they have contemporary relevance for Global peace?”

Some of the to-be noted points from the Public lecture,

  • Two reasons why Shri Pranab Mukherjee had spoken on this subject : 1. In respect of, the erection of statue of Rabindranath Tagore in the Department of Foreign languages in Uppsala University, commemorating the centenary of the award of Noble Prize given to him. 2. In respect to Dag Hammarskjold, a well known and Prominent Swede, also the second secretary general of United Nations.
  • “Tagore was a renaissance man and such men are found rarely in history. In their personality, they capture not just the times they live in but also many complex questions that transcend geography and are pertinent for all countries and communities across the world. “
  • “If Tagore was the intellectual and spiritual torch bearer of global peace, it was the Mahatma or the great soul who showed the world that Satyagraha or Truth force and amiss or Non-violence can be marshalled to create a more just world.”
  • “The simultaneous presence of Poet Tagore and mahatma Gandhi is a unique blessing that modern India received and we believe that this good fortune places upon us a special responsibility to involve ourselves actively in the promotion of dialogue amongst different religions, faiths, cultures and civilisations. “
  • “I have no hesitation in stating that the ideas of truth, openness, dialogue and non-violence espoused by Tagore and Gandhiji provide the best way forward for a wold confronted with intolerance, bigotry and terrorism.
Credits : Indian Embassy of Sweden

Credits : Indian Embassy of Sweden

Reiseland Deutschland 🇩🇪

There are few reasons that makes anyone hooked to hit a trip to Germany.

1. Germany is the land of technology – the home of some of the famous Car manufacturers  including – Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, and yea, much more. Also the famous engineering companies – Bosch and Siemens, to name a few.

2. Has the largest economy in Europe and fourth largest economy in the world, founding fathers of European Union and Eurozone economy.

3. Over a third of the energy consumption in Germany is from Renewable resources.

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Going through the pupal Stage! 

Not more than a week back, that 1400g organ inside my skull started to give me strange advise mixed with fear. I felt a strong need of change in me with respect to many aspects. Well, I did try to give more thoughts on it and started to get reasons.

Quick to my mind was the famous words which Super star sings in Kochadaiiyan.

Maruvathellam Uyirodu! Marathathellam mannodu

Which means, all those changes belongs to life and all those doesn’t belongs to soil. 

More than a change, shouldn’t it be a positive change, instead of the other way? 

Later I tried to ponder on my weakest qualities I have to develop, as well as some new skills I need to learn. I started to list one by one. Not exaggerating, I started to list one by one, and to my surprise I just came to understand that I hadn’t gained expertise in one single area! Quite shocking isn’t it? This famous proverb – “Jack of all trades and Master of none” appeared to well suit me, except for few birds dancing around my head! 😱

I felt I need to do something right away! Immediately I plunged into my social media profiles to make a bold statement that I will be out of all virtual networking platforms for 3 months when I will achieve some objectives (well it was exactly FB, Twitter and Instagram) which has been much of distractions.

Oh! Well did I swear publicly? Well yea sort of! That gave me inspirations which was good enough to go ahead and do something. Later I made a “short” list of objectives for me for 3 months to come.

To say honestly, it has been going quite well where I get a lot of time to think about myself and focus on what I need! Yep this is a pupal stage I consider. I hope there will be an interesting transformation which will surprise me!

Mattram ondre marathathu!

“Change is the only thing that doesn’t change”!


KTH, Stock”HOME” ~ Home away from Home

I always thought that my home is the best, until I stepped into KTH, Stock”home”!

The logo says it all!


With heart warming culture, beautiful smiles and welcoming gestures, people all around here are always on the prowl for Innovation, as the KTH’s tagline says, “Innovate yourself at KTH”! The noble professors here, belonging to the Nobel land, give you all the opportunities to explore your freedom to innovate! An attitude that can never be found among the people of any altitude! The rhythm of creativity echoes from all the bells,  around in Stockholm. But the best part in KTH is, we never feel like a “Fish out of water”, especially, having my origin from India(A very conservative background). If you’d ask me, “If it’s your home and your hometown, you would enjoy shopping your favourite stuffs, watch a native movie and a long walk with your close buddies. How about in KTH and Stockholm?” I’d rather say, “You bet! There are a couple of Indian stores, where you’d get almost everything, and sometimes, you would have a chance to see the blockbuster movies screened at local theatres! And regarding the long walks, YES! you can see the most serene environment ever in the world!” None the less, academics at KTH shall bear all the praise worthiness and admiration. Students shall never leave the classroom without knowing the “HOW and WHY” of the concepts and subjects. And finally, to experience the “Stockholm Syndrome”, you need not be kidnapped :P, you just have to apply for the course of your interest through http://www.universityadmissions.se, get your residence permit approved through http://www.migrationsverket.se and book your tickets through your favourite airline 🙂

See you soon at Stockholm 🙂

My Toastmasters Speech, CC#6 The most precious thing in the world

Life is an Opportunity, benefit from it
Life is a beauty admire it
Life is a dream realize it
Life is a challenge meet it
Life is a duty complete it
Life is a game play it
Life is a promise fulfill it
Life is a sorrow over come it
Life is a song sing it
Life is a struggle accept it
Life is a tragedy confront it
Life is an adventure dare it
Life is luck make it
Life is life fight for it
Life is too precious do not destroy it..!!
Madam Toastmaster of the Day, Fellow Toastmasters and my dear Guests..!!
I had a friend who was very brave, studious and ornerier in nature. His name was Saajan Menon. During my school days, he once said me, “Sandheep, how could these guys tolerate failing in so many subjects…?? If I would have been so, I’d let my life go immediately”, pointing to a floor three storeys up”.
After an year, when we were given the half yearly examination papers, he found that he was one mark away from the pass-limit. Since the teacher did not give that one grace mark, he’d committed suicide in the same place he pointed.

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