8 Reasons why Stockholm is the place for Students 📖

If at all there is one day, that every person related to academics will look forward for, that will be a day in December when the Nobel prize ceremony will take place. A day when Stockholm City hall will be filled by top-notch achievers in five disciplines. While it has been evident that Nobel Prize founder, Alfred Nobel is a Swede, it is like that “elephant in the room” situation when it comes to academics in Stockholm. Its a true known fact that there are ample opportunities for learners. Since the day I had been to Stockholm, I had been visiting a number of places including libraries, Student study places, Startups, meetups and many other places, and I was simply flabbergasted. Why? because of the following,

  1. Books? Name it and you’ll get it.

With a plethora of libraries, I bet you don’t get out, without reading something interesting and fascinating, when you get in. Books, ranging from writings of history in National Library of Sweden to latest books on Fashion, Psychology and Arts, you shall find in Stockholm Stads Bibliotek. Some of the universities and Institutions also permit public to use their libraries and also to become a member too. In fact, I am currently a member of the above two, Stockholm University and Konstfack University college of Design. And yes, so my wallet has grown a little bigger, containing these extra cards ;

Collection of Books and Book Collection system at Medborgarplatsen Bibliotek

An #automatic #book collection system at #stadsbibliotek #sweden #swedishmoments #visitstockholm

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2. Eduroam, Omnipresent

My phone and my laptop automatically connects to Eduroam, making students to access the global information in a flick! Accessing researched data also gets easy sometimes as these member institutions subscribe to a number of journals.

Eduroam - Wifi

Eduroam – Wifi

3. Save money with Mecenat 

Student phase of life is often characterised by full of ambitions/goals and less of $$$. Students are usually enrolled with Mecenat, who provides the ID card and in turn, they operate with a mutual benefit between students and the companies. Almost anything that a student needs can be bought at a discount from groceries, clothing to study related materials. Students always have a special discount everywhere which includes flights, local transport or almost anywhere.

Mecenat Card

Mecenat Card

4. Akademibokhandeln – State of the Art! 

Being one of my favourite stores, it can be spotted on malls, crowded areas and near the institutions. With an intriguing collection of books, stationary supplies, gifts and many more, the store is so pleasing that you will not come out without any purchase. I had bought something on both the occasions I have been to these stores.

5. Study well with Studentpalatset

Home – sometimes gets too bored,

University – someone always comes banging your door or sometimes too mainstream

So what will be the whole new ball game? Well it will be Studentpalatset. It is a big House with almost 300 rooms for the students of KTH, KI, SU, SSE, managed by SSCO – Stockholms Studentkårers Central Organisation. Every time, I have been there, I would have learnt more than what I could have accomplished elsewhere.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 1.24.18 pm

6. Housing? Not a problem at all!

Stockholm disappoints with respect to the number of built up apartments, but the good thing is that its not for the students. SSSB – Stockholms Student Bostäder is an organisation dedicated to help students to find them a place to live, which is again run by SSCO.

7. Clear Info and easy Inquiry 

All the websites in Stockholm/Sweden explain the stuffs clearly. Even if you need more assistance, you can shoot emails, and sometimes, I get quicker responses through their social media channels.

8. People going for the extra mile 

People who want to go the extra mile never get disappointed with Stockholm. Apart from the mainstream academic stuff, there are more cooler stuffs like

Open lab – a place for Design Thinkers

Stockholm Makerspace – a place for doers

several Meetup groups – ranging from Photography, arts, crafts, Entrepreneurship, Books, Language and much more.

Institutions like STING – Stockholm Innovation and SUP-46, Startup People of Sweden help a lot of budding Entrepreneurs to make their dreams a reality.

#sthlmtech #hilton #slussen #stockholm

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The proof is in the pudding. Opportunities are endless for the people who deserve. Stockholm is a place of people who wanted to study space or software, Engineering or medicine, Management or Psychology!

The gates are always open, Choice to enter is yours.

P.S: For more details on studying in Stockholm, visit Academic Stockholm


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