A day in Startup Day 💸

I believe that the ultimate purpose of any conference would be to kindle lots of inspiration and motivation. At the end of the day, meeting passionate people, hearing to those who have accomplished a lot, generates new thoughts and gives a more holistic perspective on what we do. Startup Day 2015, organised by Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship was no way different. But wait there were some unique differences! The conferences that I have attended so far were organised either in Hifi hotels or Universities. But this was organised in a place which was specially dedicated to conferences. It was Münchenbryggeriet, situated in the heart of Stockholm near Slussen. Cycling on the way, I found my friend, Peter who was my batchmate in SSES. We both joined together to enter the conference hall. Any conference cannot be made realized without those wonderful people – Volunteers. There I found, them wearing icy blue tees. I envied them all on the first sight because I too wanted one of those tees! Something was surprising at the first sight. There will always be something called ‘Registration Desk’. But here after coming to Stockholm, I noticed the change in that practice, not for the first time, rather for second. All the organizers nowadays use Eventbrite  for the management of Registration and followup. So were these volunteers standing in the side who just managed the registration with the simple use of Smart Phones! Smart isnt it? I am a big fan of ‘Name tags’. I collect them from every conference and preserve them. So was I eyeing on them. It was elegantly designed too, looking like a kinda cardboard. With so much bliss, I filled it and put it over me. 😉 At the entrance was a big board filled with lots of sticky notes, imitating an atmosphere of a creative work space.

Mind Map of events

Mind Map of Stockholm Startup Scene

Other important aspect is the main stage – It symbolizes the mood of the whole conference. This one too was designed with colourful papers, in a frugal yet elegant way.

The confetti Stage

The confetti Stage

Here, you find the speakers who spoke during the event,

Although each had their viewpoint, The common points from everyone is that, 1. Think Big, Start small, Act now – a famous quote 2. It is really never too late to do something. 3. The best time to start doing that you love is always “NOW” 4. Although the path to your success is filled with huge road blocks, those who reach their pinnace are the ones who stayed patient and moved on always. 5. Lack of Knowledge can never be a reason for not doing something that you wanted to. When you start doing with what you know, you will start to understand how you do it.

You can't see a good smile because I didn't have that icy blue tee :(

You can’t see a good smile because I didn’t have that icy blue tee 😦

You will know from the faces that who drank that beer :P

You will know from the faces that who drank that beer 😛 (Sorry Robert, I think its Niclas 😀 )

The after conference party happened in a boat (Which was not moving actually 😀 )

The only thing I ate to satisfy my tummy! And believe me apparently it was yummy!

The only thing I ate to satisfy my tummy! And believe me apparently it was yummy!


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