Best time and best place to roam around in Stockholm

Especially hailing from India, where its colors and light all around, Oh boy! Stockholm was rather gloomy for past 6+ months! Now since the sun has started to remove its shades, it’s time here in Sweden to put on shades!

While this goes on, I get a number opportunities to go around the city in the night especially after I got a cycle.


The ferry from slussen to Djurgården gives you a breathtaking view of the land and the waters.

Best thing with Stockholm is,

the sun shines brilliant! It’s a mere confetti, with a mix of some sunshine, some rain, some snow! Yea, it’s quite unpredictable as well!

A HDR picture! ©

Best of nature combines with best of manmade architecture ©

Got the right moment to capture the rays! At the Skepps Bridge! ©

I would rather say it as Confetti again! ©

Glad that it was a full moon day! ©

A restaurant on a ship! its a cool place to hang on ©

o_O ©

view of slussen from Skeppsholmen ©

Thats quite a signature of stockholm! ©

From the bridge connecting Gamlastan and Djurgården ©

If you are jobless for an evening :P, go to slussen and take the ferry to skeppsholmen and take ¬†walk around! ūüôā


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