Solar Eclipse in Stockholm, the best eclipse I’ve seen so far.

Until today, the best eclipse I have seen were only through the pictures in internet or books. Today, for the first time, I saw the best eclipse of my lifetime. I was worried that, I couldn’t get a solar eclipse safe glass to watch although the weather was not so favourable. Most of the time the weather was cloudy and hence a sharp image of the sun was not able to obtain. Just somewhere before 80% eclipse, I was able to see a nearly crisp image of sun, but just for few minutes.

I stood excited from the morning to watch this phenomenon for one particular reason. In Sweden, the next phenomenon could be visible only by 2039. I started to read more about solar eclipse, and was surprised to see a huge number of enthusiasts who are travelling to two places: Faroe Islands and Svalbard. It is also interesting to see how certain people use such happenings to turn around their business. When you buy a magazine(Not sure the name of it), you would get a solar eclipse safe glass. I went in search of this magazine in all the possible places but unfortunately it was out of stock! Isn’t it a good strategy to boost your business!? Really interesting.

Albanova Observatory had made some arrangements but, I found that I could be comfortable in my home, and so stayed back!

The other reason why I was looking forward was to shoot photographs! Although it did not turn out as expected, I was pretty much satisfied! I am now looking forward for the lunar eclipse as well on September!

The beginning

The beginning.

The best picture of all!

The best picture of all!

80% Solar eclipse

80% Solar eclipse


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