Going through the pupal Stage! 

Not more than a week back, that 1400g organ inside my skull started to give me strange advise mixed with fear. I felt a strong need of change in me with respect to many aspects. Well, I did try to give more thoughts on it and started to get reasons.

Quick to my mind was the famous words which Super star sings in Kochadaiiyan.

Maruvathellam Uyirodu! Marathathellam mannodu

Which means, all those changes belongs to life and all those doesn’t belongs to soil. 

More than a change, shouldn’t it be a positive change, instead of the other way? 

Later I tried to ponder on my weakest qualities I have to develop, as well as some new skills I need to learn. I started to list one by one. Not exaggerating, I started to list one by one, and to my surprise I just came to understand that I hadn’t gained expertise in one single area! Quite shocking isn’t it? This famous proverb – “Jack of all trades and Master of none” appeared to well suit me, except for few birds dancing around my head! 😱

I felt I need to do something right away! Immediately I plunged into my social media profiles to make a bold statement that I will be out of all virtual networking platforms for 3 months when I will achieve some objectives (well it was exactly FB, Twitter and Instagram) which has been much of distractions.

Oh! Well did I swear publicly? Well yea sort of! That gave me inspirations which was good enough to go ahead and do something. Later I made a “short” list of objectives for me for 3 months to come.

To say honestly, it has been going quite well where I get a lot of time to think about myself and focus on what I need! Yep this is a pupal stage I consider. I hope there will be an interesting transformation which will surprise me!

Mattram ondre marathathu!

“Change is the only thing that doesn’t change”!



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