Why should you consider coming out of your comfort Zone?

We get to see the best things once we step out of the periphery of the comfort zone

Today, being a weekend, I was a bit sluggish to get out of the bed. I’ve been a part of some meetups groups. One of them was Stockholm Photography. Long back, I signed up for an event of theirs. I got up to see the event in my calendar and contemplating as to whether I should go or sleep tight cozily in the bed. Something in me said to go and visit the place. The event was called as Kameraloppis, where people would come and sell their old cameras. On the way, I also got a companion, Vivek, who also belonged to the meetup group, but ignored it, and was inspired to come after listening to me. :p (Ha ha “Inspired”)

I was astounded on visiting that place.

1. My perception that people don’t use film based cameras were proved to be a myth. As something gets older, its supply reduces, increasing in demand, making people to want more. Number of people who are into that business are less, but they cater to a large group of people, eventually making a lot of money. They could easily focus the niche market.

It's nostalgic to see old #cameras! #photography

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Huge collection of old cameras! It's just stealing your eyes! 👌😱

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2. I found a person who had clicked pictures of different “toilets”, you you read that right. Both tidy and unclean ones. :p . I asked him “Hey! What made you to click such pictures?”. He replied, “Just because no one bothered to click them”. In fact, it did ring bells in me :D. Sometimes, we ignore certain things just because they have to be ignored.

3. The best part is This event was the first of its kind to be arranged in the city. I also got to have my hands on some of the really old cameras including ones from 1930s. Only after operating them, I came to understand how difficult it was earlier to click a picture, compared with today. You just need to click a button or touch!

The one I'm holding in my hand is a camera belonging to 1930s! #nostalgic #kameraloppis #photography

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As it was long time back since I hit the doors of the Medborgarplatsen Bibliotek, I thought to give it a shot and stepped in. After checking out the book I wanted, I saw a girl doing something with old books. On asking her, she said it was book art. She said that she could teach me how to do it and I was glad to learn something new. On asking her, as to why she did, she responded that, she noticed some old book being thrown away just like that, and she wanted to do something. On displaying such creative works with the book, the management requested her to teach them to to people who come there, and they could take this wealth out of a waste(though not merely). The best part again was that, it was the first time, such a thing was being arranged in the library. 

Both the cases, I was lucky to have experienced something that happened for the first time.

So I decided to spend some time to pen down these thoughts and write a blog post, so that, anyone who wants to know the answer for the topic of this blog post, can find the answer here,

We might not be lucky to learn or gain something everytime we take an effort. But there is 100% chance for us to miss something if we don’t take an effort! Let’s get out of the comfort zone!


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