The best experience stays with you forever – First day of cycling in Stockholm


When you ask, it shall be given

is a very simple yet strong saying!
I had been wanting a cycle for a long time, but haven’t taken any efforts to get one. Two days back, I was so determined to get one. So I dropped a message with all my swedish friends to let me know if any of their friends are about to sell one. All were so kind to help me. Although the best way to get one was through Blocket (It’s like OLX and the most famous in Sweden) I was a bit skeptical getting one from there. I’d also been dropping into my friend Magnus’ cycle studio beneath my apartment for a long time. It’s really a cool workspace for people where they can drop in to fix their cycles for an hourly fee. That day, I went in with a decision to get a cycle. He took me to the basement and suggested me to take his 20 year old vintage bike. I was so happy to get that kind of a bike because of one reason – it’s the kind of a cycle which can be slowed down by pedaling backwards. I have been thinking of owning one such bikes ever since I had seen those pretty girls riding them in circuses 😀 😛 .

I had already planned for vÄga vara egen organized by Ung företagsamhet

. It’s an Youth Entrepreneurship fair, where students of many colleges are allowed to display their products and services. This Organisation supports young entrepreneurs to rise! As usual this happened in StockholmsmĂ€ssan in Älvjo, which was almost 9Km single route. I was just more than excited to use the new cycle of mine.

Initially it was an arduous task to know the routes. I checked the maps for every crossroads I met! :P. But it isn’t as tough as it appears to be. There are separate lanes in Stockholm for cycles and there isn’t any interference from other vehicles, except for few places inside the city. The trick here is to know the areas you pass by before you reach the final destination. There are directions displayed at every junction you pass!

The temperature was close to -2 degrees, and so I had to wear gloves. At one point, I had to refer the maps, and later thought I may have to refer often. Thinking so, I had to stuff my gloves inside my jacket. After some time I realize that one of them was missing. My heart stopped beating for a moment, as this was not the first time I always miss something wherever I go! But this time, I made up my mind not to retreat back without getting the glove. So turned back 180 degrees and went searching for it. I was consciously looking the left side of the road. After about 3-4 Km I literally lost the hope. But something in me said, “What if you could find it if you moved some more”? I just believed my heart and moved forward. It was true! What I saw made me say Aha!!!!! Someone had taken my glove and hung it on a road side tree for me to notice it.


The rest of the story went like this : I just heartily thanked the person who did that and I pedaled back to fair, in stockholmsmassan, where I had been three times just this month. After spending half an hour, drove back to town for the lecture.

But here are the key take aways:
1. Quitters never win and Winners never Quit!
2. Do what your sub-conscious mind says. It’s always right!
3. You can always do what you thought it can’t be done. You just need patience, perseverance, persistence.
4. Help always helps! A small act of kindness shall make a huge difference in the lives of many people, or at least one!
5. Thank people heartily even if you can’t convey verbally! Especially all those people who brought those small positive changes and differences in you!

Life is something experience, that has to be cherished!


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