A day’s visit to Antikmässan

A bronze statue in the entrance

Attending a fair has it’s own benefits. To name a few,

  • Knowing the latest trends and new developments,
  • To know new companies in the related domain
  • To meet like minded people and share views

But attending a fair of a domain which is not relevant to you, interestingly gives some unexpected benefits which might be

  • To get different inspirations which you could use to innovate in your domain, Meet people of different mindset which inspires you to think differently Fairs like Antiques (in this case) makes you understand people’s culture, habits and how their practices were. This makes you to know the trend sets.
  • Again, people who have an inclination towards design find Antiques fair to be useful.
  • Getting into the halls of the museum is quite easy. Buying ticket is automated. Usually people book it online (You get tickets at a lower price online compared to what you get on site). You will receive a QR code and you can enter the hall scanning the same.
A bronze statue in the entrance

A bronze statue in the entrance

An antique Bronze statue welcoming the visitors

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The Swedish Flags were lined up continuously and with the sunshine, it looked brilliant! 

Here are some highlights of my experience!

1. People in the antiques market were already middle aged people (About 50-60 years)

2. If at all there was a lad or a lass, they were accompanied by their father or mother, who were already in the business.

3. On an average, based on about 10 people with whom I interacted in depth, they are all in the business for about 20-40 years.

4. These people read a lot of books, study design and history.

5. This experience is required for them to understand the various designs with respect to various ethnography. A person was able to tell me which object belonged to which era and which country’s design. The person on the left, in this picture is whom I meant.

His name was Oche I guess, and he showed some really interesting age old artefacts which people used. It includes Vaxstapelställ which is used to make the candles burn for the time you want, Sängvärmare (Though the picture was from another stall), which has heated coal inside and is used to warm the bed and pillows.

I also learnt about the famous auction that takes place in Stockholm and I would really like to pay a visit and see how it happens! They include, Bukowskismarket, Magasin 5, and Probus

6. There isn’t a fixed price for any antique. It depends on very many factors and this can be known only by experience. You could listen to a short interview with Mats Freidenfelt of www.hobykulle.se. Usually that depends on design, demand, knowing how many pieces like that in the world exists, age and many fold. So that’s the reason these people know a lot about history and geography.

7. Some very cool arts and methods of making artefacts were noticed. One being Water gilding, displayed by www.stockholmsförgyllning.se, Dreja also called as Wheel thrown pottery using which human face shapes were formed by www.gallerifinal.se and glass works using Shiffer stones displayed by Unna Katz from www.unnakatz.se. It was interesting to talk with Unna Katz as I noticed that her concept was quite different. She chooses the stones, and imagines a concept to come up with, and turns the stone into something creative, using glass. She says, it was an Aha moment when she discovered that a stone and a glass can be creatively used together to make a totally radical artefact!

8. The sweetest person I met was, Sten Tortensson. He has already been 40 years into antiques business, and if I guess his age would definitely be 65+ but his enthusiasm towards antiques was as fresh! As I started conversing, just out of curiosity I enquired if he had any Indian antiques, but unfortunately he did not have. He was little upset that he couldn’t help me. Just in a couple of minutes, a person arrived and he quickly introduced me to him and him to me. Adding, this person is a great friend of mine, and I can recommend him 100%. He will have some Indian antiques for you. Though I just asked out of curiosity, I’m just flabbergasted by the act of some people are so enthusiastic to help others. I feel, this is very much required as an Entrepreneur or a Business person ~ “The enthusiasm to make the customers feel happy and proud”. By the way he also runs a Museum in the name of Nordiska Tomtemuseet. I definitely wanted to visit if I pass by that!

Finally felt so happy by heart to have visited a place which have me new knowledge, new friends and new dimension of thinking! Here are some more pictures. I just forget the world, when I have that machine in my hand. I meant the camera 😛

Some more adds to my collection! #stamps #philately #antikmassan

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