14 Uncommon observations in Sweden by a Common man

You can’t enter any building just like that!

Doors in all the buildings(at least most) except public places like supermarkets, libraries and movie Theatres are electronically secured. Generally apartments have electronic keys (RFID) or some old school buildings have normal keys. Entrances in the buildings are equipped with panels as shown in the picture, where you can connect with respective office/home and speak with them, so they can open the main door for you.

RFID and system to contact the tenants


You will not notice MRP to be printed on the products in supermarkets

Being an Indian(no idea about other nationalities), first thing you notice in a product is the price. I was quiet shocked on my first purchase when I arrived Sweden. When asked about it, I was told that, the price varies according to places. (Price of a product in a city centre is different from that of outskirts). So usually, the price is displayed in electronic indicators or charts.


Taking photographs of children without the permission of parents is an offense!

Kids in Sweden are usually very calm, quiet, sweet, cute and chubby. My friend ironically relates their looks to potatoes and tomatoes. I couldn’t resist taking a picture of a bunch of kids playing. In a matter of few seconds after bringing out my phone, a gentleman intrudes me saying that it’s an offense.! Though, this picture has been taken with due permission 😛

#babies in #stockholm are so #cute! They look like potatoes and tomatoes. As @prasanth.korada says!

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Pet owners clean the poop of their pets in public!

If you just follow any person who’s walking with a pet dog, you will notice that. They always have with them a plastic carry bag, and once the dog poops, they remove it. The technique by which they remove it, is worth noticing.

You see a lot of people skateboarding in summer

When it’s summer in Sweden, there are no limits of enjoyment for the swedes. You can see a lot of people using skateboards.! I too got one in the beginning when I arrived! Looking forward to use it more this summer!

Amazing network of public libraries

Stockholms Stads Biblioteket is the Organisation that maintains the libraries. Every library is state of art with good collection of books. You can take any book from any library and return anywhere! Look at the automatic book collection and sorting system!
Please do have a look at their website as well!

An #automatic #book collection system at #stadsbibliotek #sweden #swedishmoments #visitstockholm

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Most of the people don’t have wallets!

Surprised? Though it is cliched, I meant this – Cash transaction is very very less in Sweden. People have few cards always with them – Credit/Debit Card, SL Card, ID Card, any other personal cards and they carry this along with the phone case!

Hard to spot guards for places/buildings!

Yes! Since everything is automatic and ID is verified in most of the places, chances of mishaps are quiet less, but in case of any such events happening, they are very quick to respond, and appear in spot in a matter of few minutes!

Swedes are crazy about music!

You will often see people hooking headphones to their ears. On an average, you would see, one in every three swedes, will have a headphone, listening to music. (I noticed this in metros). And a majority of them use Spotify!

People hooking to headphones and listening to music!


Shhhhh!!! Sweden is a very silent country

Hailing from a very busy, bustling and dynamic country like India, where you normally hear vehicle honks, noise from people selling and many more, it’s quiet contrary here. I rarely heard cars honking(in my past 6 months of stay, I would have heard 5 or 6 times a horn from a vehicle). While traveling in metros or buses also, you rarely see people talking loudly(or even talking :P)

You can drink water that comes out from any faucet!

There is no distinction between drinking water and water for utilities. If you are thirsty when taking a shower, just gulp a portion as the water flows down from the faucet. So you never find bottled drinking water anywhere in supermarkets! You usually find soda and other aerated drinks.

Children are given special attention everywhere

When the children are to be taken outside, one would notice that they are always carried on prams. They and physically challenged people have special staircase on all public places.

A special space in buses for children and physically challenged


A separate inclined rails for prams with babies


Men = Women

All people here are given equal rights and priveleges. No difference is seen irrespective of any genre and any place! The picture shown here is a unisex salon and restroom!




Is the first word you hear, when you run across any stranger! A person walking towards you in the corridor of your apartment building, the billing person in supermarket, salesperson in any shop, or whomever it may be, you will hear this word. Hej, Hej Hej, Hejsan, Tjena are usually used!


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