KTH, Stock”HOME” ~ Home away from Home

I always thought that my home is the best, until I stepped into KTH, Stock”home”!

The logo says it all!


With heart warming culture, beautiful smiles and welcoming gestures, people all around here are always on the prowl for Innovation, as the KTH’s tagline says, “Innovate yourself at KTH”! The noble professors here, belonging to the Nobel land, give you all the opportunities to explore your freedom to innovate! An attitude that can never be found among the people of any altitude! The rhythm of creativity echoes from all the bells,  around in Stockholm. But the best part in KTH is, we never feel like a “Fish out of water”, especially, having my origin from India(A very conservative background). If you’d ask me, “If it’s your home and your hometown, you would enjoy shopping your favourite stuffs, watch a native movie and a long walk with your close buddies. How about in KTH and Stockholm?” I’d rather say, “You bet! There are a couple of Indian stores, where you’d get almost everything, and sometimes, you would have a chance to see the blockbuster movies screened at local theatres! And regarding the long walks, YES! you can see the most serene environment ever in the world!” None the less, academics at KTH shall bear all the praise worthiness and admiration. Students shall never leave the classroom without knowing the “HOW and WHY” of the concepts and subjects. And finally, to experience the “Stockholm Syndrome”, you need not be kidnapped :P, you just have to apply for the course of your interest through http://www.universityadmissions.se, get your residence permit approved through http://www.migrationsverket.se and book your tickets through your favourite airline 🙂

See you soon at Stockholm 🙂


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