My Graduation Post in Facebook

” The bigger and better you grow, better not to forget the pastΒ and to express your gratitude to the people whoΒ made you stand today”
The following was the so called status on my Facebook page,Β during my day of graduation! It was an arduous task for me to recollect all the people. All my friends were astonished, while many of my teachers were proud of me, for my gratitude! Here it goes..
Disclaimer: It’s a pretty long status!
It was a dream for my Mother to get graduated from PSG College of Technology. Every time, we pass this historic institution, my mom says me, Sandheep you must become an Engineer from here!
So I am today!
Two more letters gets added to my name! Sandheep Kumar B.E., πŸ™‚
It’s quite a big journey, and my heartfelt thanks to all the wonderful souls for not just giving me those two letters but who really made me an Engineer!
The adage says, “Matha, Pitha, Guru and Deivam”.
Everyday, when going to school and college, she made sure that I was comfortable enough! One big word of “Thanks” shall not suffice. But Thanks to you, Subasheni Boopal. I must say you must be the best of all mothers <3!
I had finally satisfied your dream!
I had to be extra careful in asking something to you, because you had got me anything and everything that I had asked for and not asked for πŸ˜€ I must say there is nothing more a dad can do for his child. Let me say, “I’ll one day make you stand tall and proud than you are today!” Again, thanks a lot daddy, Boopal Lakshminarayanan.
Here comes the main picture πŸ™‚

In the hierarchical order,
Dr Rudramoorthy, Principal
Dr K Prakasan, Head of the Department, Sir every time we speak with you, you install a lot of inspiration in us! Thank you so much.
Our tutor, Mr M R Pratheesh Kumar who made sure, we were all comfortable with the academics at every point of time! Thanks again!
and course wise
First semester
Ms. Deena, Calculus and its Applications, you can no more send us out of the class for not completing the home work :(, but recollecting those memorable days..!!
Mrs. Brinda for Applied Physics, just recollecting those interactive sessions and hot debates in class πŸ˜›
Dr. Murugavel for Applied Chemistry I, You made us understand that Chemistry is not only about equations! We learnt many more things practically πŸ™‚
Dr Menaka Reno for Communication Skills in English, Mam, no more we will be waiting eagerly for English Classes 😦
Dr Geetha for Problem Solving and C Programming, mam no replacement to your teaching which is evident from the fact that Biology students had topped the class!
Mr Jegatheesan for Introduction to Manufacturing Systems, there is no match for your practical teaching!
Mr M R Pratheesh Kumar, Dr Elangovan and Mr Leo Kumar and all the staffs of Engineering Practices Lab(Sorry that I couldn’t remember all your names 😦 ) for Engineering Practices. Welding, Fitting, Carpentry, Sheet metal working! Smiles come up when thinking of the group assignments!
Second Semester
Mr. Vasanth for Linear Algebra and Fourier Series, Sir, we miss you 😦
Mr. Sivakumaran Kaliappan for Materials Science., Sir from now on we will be polite and we won’t play with chairs in the class πŸ˜€
Mr. Senthil Kumar for Applied Chemistry II, Sir, no more we will see tough question papers!
Mr Jegatheesan for Foundry Technology, again No match for Practical teaching and Learning!
Mr Venkatraman for Engineering Mechanics. Your elegant way of teaching made the subject easier!
Mr Jaiganesh for Engineering Metallurgy. Sir, if at all we were given the task to vote for the Best Teacher, definitely you would have won!! We admire your style of Teaching! Even Rajnikanth will be second to you πŸ˜€
Dr Suganthi for Initiative to German Language. Mam, vielen Dank!
Mrs. Brinda, Mrs. Nithya, Mr Sivakumar and Mr Annadurai for Physics Laboratory, we anymore won’t commit mistakes in calibrating the vernier and screw gauge!
Dr. Murugaraj, Mr. Senthilkumar andΒ  Mr. Theivarasu sir for Chemistry Laboratory, Sir we anymore won’t be sent out for not bringing the Labcoats! πŸ˜€
Mr Jaiganesh, Mr M R Pratheesh Kumar, Mr Rajamani, Mr Pradeep Kumar and Mr R Arun Prakash for Computer Aided Engineering Graphics. Sir we finally understood that “Engineering Drawing is the language of Engineers” after those large number of assignments πŸ˜›
Third Semester
Dr Arumuganathan for Transforms and Complex Analysis, Sir you made a “Complex” subject very easy for us πŸ™‚
Dr Kalpana for Economics for Business Decisions, Mam, those interactive classes also helped us in understanding how the economy of the country functions πŸ™‚
Mr Rajamani for Kinematics of Machinery Sir, the assignments helped us in understanding the mechanisms πŸ™‚
Dr Madhan Mohan for Machining Technology
Mr Venkatraman for Strength of Materials Your simple way of teaching strengthened us on the subject of “Strength of materials”
Dr Neelaveni for Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mam thanks for the lenient correction in the final semester πŸ˜€
Mr Venkatraman, Mrs. Geetha and Mr Manivannan for Strength of Materials Laboratory and Dr Balusamy, Mr Anandavel and Mr Rajan for Metallurgy Lab We understood how material fails and the microstructure of them.
Mr Ashok Kumar, Mrs Divya and Mrs. Gunasundari for Electrical and Electronics Laboratory. Those days of building some different circuits and making some bulbs glow, still remains afresh πŸ™‚
Fourth Semester
Mr Madhu for Fluid Mechanics and Machinery, Sir, you have a very strong fundamentals and you have inspired us to be the same πŸ™‚
Mr Rajamani for Dynamics of Machinery Sir, the assignments helped us in understanding the mechanisms πŸ™‚
Dr Kannan for Thermal systems and Heat Transfer Sir you encouraged us to solve problems on our own. So we will definitely make an attempt before we ask you for the solution. πŸ˜€
Dr Prakasan for Welding Technology Sir your attitude towards the teaching is awesome which is evident from the fact that you give us a lot of journal papers and published articles for us to study.
Dr Vasanthi for Statistics and Quality Control mam, your super yet simple way of teaching made the subject simple πŸ˜€
Dr Suganthi for Entrepreneurship, mam, those wonderful examples of entrepreneurs and the inspiration you impart on us, stands a testimony to your teaching. (Y)
Dr Elangovan, Mr Pradeep Kumar, Mr M R Pratheesh Kumar, Mr R Rajamani, Mr Anand and Mr Girish ChandranΒ  for Machine Drawing sir, we learnt the nuances of Engineering Drawings here πŸ™‚
Mr Madhu and Dr Kannan for Thermal Engineering and Fluid Machinery laboratory You taught us, that lots of preparation must be done before the lab classes πŸ˜€
Dr Madhan Mohan, Mr S P Leo Kumar and Mr R Rajamani for Industrial Visit Sir, this differentiates PSG Tech from any other Institution! Lots of Practical learning happened here.
Fifth Semester
Dr Elangovan Sooriyamoorthy for Metal Forming Processes One subject where we learnt how majority of the engineering products are made and the processes behind them.
Dr Kannan for Industrial Hydraulics and Pneumatics Sir, those problems you had given us to solve, now makes us confident in the subject πŸ™‚
Dr Gandhinathan for Process Planning and Cost Estimation Sir we learnt about critical thinking and how important it is to judge anything analytically which is evident during the Project Presentations πŸ˜€
Mr Pratheesh Kumar for Metrology and Quality Control Sir, you made sure, that we were taught every single thing related to the subject. πŸ™‚
Mr Rajesh for Theory of Metal Cutting Sir you presented the complex derivations in the simplest form that we could understand πŸ™‚
Dr Balasubramanian for Mathematical Modelling Sir you made us taught that each class is very important and so we will definitely inform you in your cabin if we were absent in the last class. πŸ˜€
Dr Madhan Mohan and Mr Anand for Manufacturing Technology Laboratory Sir you gave us the freedom to work on all machines, and also to work after college hours so that we could learn more. πŸ™‚
Mr M R Pratheesh Kumar and Mr Rajamani for Metrology and Instrumentation Lab We learnt thatΒ  to establish a quality, everything has to be measured! So did we learn in life too πŸ˜€
Dr R Gandhinathan, our guide for Mini Project I for motivating us to continue our work on a crazy project πŸ˜€
Sixth Semester
Mr R Arun Prakash for Design of Machine Elements, finally you helped us to get the stress out of us, by studying Stresses πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
Dr Devadasan for Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Sir your special notes and hand outs helped us to learn the subject better πŸ™‚
Mr Pradeep Kumar for Design of Production Tooling, Now we know Jigs and Fixtures better than anyone πŸ˜€
Dr Madhan Mohan for CNC Machines, your teaching beyond the subject helped us to understand how the subject itself evolved!
Dr Saravanan for Design for Manufacture and Assembly, each statement that you said in class still echoes in our heads πŸ˜€ was truly mesmerised by your way of teaching!
Mr R Arun Prakash for Product Development Strategies. I found that the tools and techniques to develop products helps in life also!
Mr M R Pratheesh Kumar for Automobile Engineering. We must commend your commitment to teach the students when you will be 5 minutes early to class in the first hour, and we will be 5 minutes late πŸ˜€ sorry for that πŸ˜›
Mr Jaiganesh and Mr R Rajamani for Industrial Engineering and Simulation laboratory we found that Optimisation that we learnt there now helps in many places πŸ˜€
Mr Madhu and Dr Somasundara Vinoth for Fluid Power and CNC Laboratory. You encouraged us to have the freedom of the lab to learn more and more πŸ™‚
Dr Kannan for Mini Project II sir, you allowed us to commit more mistakes and made us to learn more from them πŸ™‚
Seventh Semester
Dr Murugavel for Environmental Science and Engineering, Sir, you taught us the importance of Environment in this Industrial era.
Mr Rajesh for Non Traditional Machining Techniques, thanks for giving the important question at the right moment πŸ˜€
Mr Pradeep Kumar for Production and Operations Management, Sir your facts and fascinating case studies relevant to each chapter makes us stay tuned!
Mr Madhu for Automation and CIM, That final assignment you had given us made us to learn beyond the subjects sir!
Mr R Rajamani for Manufacture of Automotive Components, Sir the special notes and PPTs helped us to score better marks in the exam πŸ˜€
Dr Devadasan for Lean Manufacturing, sir the analogy you provide with real world examples, made us understand the subject better! πŸ˜€
Mr R Arun Prakash and Mr Rajesh for Product Design and Development Laboratory – the one lab and subject that motivated me to specialise in this subject. You motivated us to squeeze out brains to come up with innovative products!
Mr Pradeep Kumar and Dr Saravanan for Computer Aided Engineering laboratory, all the softwares made us virtually understand the process and science behind the engg concepts πŸ˜€
Mr Arun Prakash for Project Work I Thanks for bearing with us to come up with a Project title (a Project in fact :D)
Eighth Semester
Mr Arun Prakash for Project Work II, Sir thanks for the faith you had on us that we will complete the Project Work and motivating us to come up with a “Big” Machine πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚
I also extend my hearty gratitude to all the management staffs, workers in the college without you, the college is not complete.
All the teachers who taught me in school, for having taught me and helped me to get good grades to get into PSGTECH!
Finally, I salute you my God for having given me all the courage and strength to overcome the obstacles and stand as an Engineer today! I salute you.

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