My Toastmasters Speech ACB#3 Be an Early Bird

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise 

A very good evening to one and all present here. I am here to tell you how getting up early benefits you and persuading you to do the same. I’ve had enough experiences when I was in my school days. Those were the most cozy days when you can be in deep sleep even when a bomb blasts right in your home. I’ll tell u one such terrible experience I had. My school starts by 7AM in the morning. The previous night, I’ll set the alarm to 5AM as if I’ll get up early in the morning and solve all the miseries the country is facing, though I shall not get up at that time. With a lot of iterations of postponing the alarm from 5.15 to 5.30 to 5.45 and again to 6, nothing works out. Suddenly I make quick reverse calculation to find out how much time I need to get off the bed, brush my teeth, take bath, eat, and cycle to school. Which comes close to half an hour. So I realise that getting up by 6.30 is enough but I set the alarm to 6.25 just to be on the safer side. The alarm rings again, as usual I’m lazy and I finally get up by 6.30 and to my surprise the toothpaste was missing, the uniform was not pressed, the breakfast was not yet ready and finally I was late to school. That day, I had a special hospitality. My principal was eagerly waiting for me to greet. I was finally adjudged as the most outstanding personality of the school. If you know what it actually means. I meant it as outstanding because I was literally standing out!!! It was the third consecutive attempt by me. How many of you had the same experience..???

This was not once, it was during my college days, when one of my friend invited me for a special function in his home. He was so close to me that I shouldn’t avoid it! Yes, it happened as you guessed! I missed it. The first case I told u was something related to me. But this case isn’t something like that. I missed a very special day of my friend. There can’t be anything more pathetic than this that I can do to him.

Well these are some situations that happened to me. The consequences might differ with each. One might be late to office, or one might be late to some special occasion or one might be late to a meeting.

If you give some thought to these kinds of situations, u can understand that, your repute, your friendship, your camaraderie your affection to others, your image, your self esteem and everything gets brutally affected.

Let’s try to understand the reason behind it. You might have heard that, anything we practice over a period of time, becomes our habits. The habit of not going to bed early directly affects your morning schedule.
Again, as I started, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man or a woman, healthy, wealthy and wise”


There is one famous saying which says that, “how you manage the first few hours of your day, determines how much efficiently you can manage the rest of the day”

Many times people are under the wrong perception that more you sleep, the more active you are. It usually doesn’t work like that. There are more scientific reasons to that. When you get up early, you shall gain a lot of energy from the surroundings.
• Waking up early provides you a lot of
winning edges and advantages!
• It obviously gives you more time, which means, more time to think on your goals, more time to reflect on yourselves, more time to concentrate and focus your attention
• Time to exercise, meditate by which you can rediscover yourself.
More time to plan your day, week, month and year.
• Above all you are automatically ahead of your peers as the most of the world would be asleep when u will be alive.

The underlying and common factor among the world’s most successful people are that they rise early in the morning. As Robin Sharma, famously says, “Go join the 5AM club! The world is waking to see you succeed”!

You have miles and miles to go before u sleep.
It’s your choice to beat the 5AM challenge. It’s your choice to either read history or create history!




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