My Toastmasters Speech ACB #1 Public Relations Speech

Face is the index of the mind. I have no idea who said that. But let me say this to you. If face is the index of the mind, your mind and mouth are the only index of yours. Sounds ridiculous? Alright, allow me to explain. About 99.9% of the world’s population can communicate only through mouth. What I mean is others can’t because they are dumb and deaf.  Your mind and mouth defines you. We cannot use any other part of this body to communicate.
What you perceive makes you to reflect.
What you reflect makes you to think
What makes you to think, give you ideas,
And when you project your ideas clearly, you become better leaders by captivating many people.

This is the only part of the body through which you can show who you are. You need to speak out to get a good job, You need to speak out to make extra sales and get profits, You need to speak out to train your students and employees.
Over the ages, successful men and women controlled this part of the body and tuned it according to circumstances. The better your words are, better your communication would be. More, you sound pleasing, more the people are likely to listen to your speech.
We all like listening to Brian Tracy don’t we? Especially for his mellifluous voice. We all like listening to Robin Sharma don’t we? Especially for his play with words..”Monomonaical Obsession”, the best in the world. No one can beat him in playing with words. We all like listening to Antony robins, don’t we? Especially for his, fast paced delivery.
So speaking out is the only option. But what if you had the extreme skills of communication?
To answer that question, let me quickly give you some inputs. What I mean to say is , there are four basic kinds of speeches. Whatever speech you think of, it either falls in any of these categories, or in a combination of categories. 1. Instructive speech, 2. Informative speech, 3. Entertaining Speech 4. Persuasive speech
Instructive Speech : A professor or a lecturer or a student instructing his students ;  A senior employee giving away some instructions to his juniors.
Informative Speech: A news reader reading out a news, A junior employee reporting something to his/her boss.
Entertaining speech : A stand up comedy, drama, skit, stage shows
Persuasive speech: A strong persuasive speech by a presidential candidate during elections – Barack Obama or Narendra Modi for that. A student persuading his employer during an interview, An entrepreneur or a sales person persuading his/her customer to buy the product.
Or even you can consider this example. A boy or a girl persuading with each other.
So as a speaker, you may have one of these skills, but as a listener, it may not hold true. Because some people like the speech to be informative, while some need to be instructed, while some like to be entertained, while, some need to persuaded.
It is evident that, for you to become an effective communicator, you got to possess all of the above skills, You can either persuade by entertaining or informing or instructing, or you can inform by entertaining or instructing. And so on.
Having said all these : two questions to you.
1.     Is it just enough for you to possess all these skills..??
2.     How to do these?
By first question I mean, is everyone can do that, He she, me, you, can all inform, instruct, entertain, persuade, but the real question is how better you can do it comparatively. You need to possess something extra to stand out of the crowd.
You can be a good Entrepreneur, but you are one among millions, even the neighbour next to you can be your competitor. You can be one among many choices for your customer. But the customer is the only choice for you. So how can you do that, and what extra is required to do that?
You can be a good professor, but to be a best professor, you got to have something extra.
You can be a good student. You are one among many choices for your interviewer. But That is the only choice for you. You got to have something extra and special to be different.
Even 99 runs doesn’t make a century. It is that one extra run that gives the credit.
Even 99C doesn’t boil the water. It is that one extra degree celsius that boils the water. So you need to have something extra and special to be different and stand out of the crowd.
So coming to the second question, how to do that? Well, I needn’t say you the answer. You are already at the right place.
This platform enables you to take up projects in any of the above four different categories of speeches.
Toastmasters International.
Education in life began with something called the Aksharabhyasam, where our hands was held by the parents and we were made to write the first letter of the language. Later we expanded our horizons and gained more knowledge, We learnt many theories, principles, formulas, which are of least importance in life, because life is broader and bigger. The formulas you learnt shall not help you to sell extra and make money. The theories shall not help you to communicate better and gain new friends. We don’t have something called the University for Public Speaking or University for leadership or University of Life skills where we can enroll and study. But we have Toastmasters International.
If we don’t believe me, I can show you 3,00,000 plus people in and around 14,250 clubs over 120+ countries, making that difference.
Thank You.

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