My Toastmasters Speech, CC#10: “Fail to Sail..!”

It was completely a calm, serene, mystic and tranquil scene, when myself and six other people, 3 on my left and 3 on my right, stood phlegmatic but really we stood there stoic. I could feel my heart thumping the inner of my chest with two little hands(lub dub lub dub..), even though I was the unbeatable champ for two consecutive years. Everyone seem to be so aggressive and had their pivot only on the 200m mark. Their faces transparently said me, “I’m going to be the champ this year..!!” Oh my dear..!! I felt like a little lamb encompassed by six butchers, ready to slaughter me.

As in any other race, our physical trainer shouted vociferously, “On your mark” and ”Get Set”, in an interval of two very loooooong seconds.Everyone stood poised, like a bullet ready to be fired. You know, It is always a great source of happiness for the Physical trainer to prolong saying “GO”. After five loooooooooong seconds, we heard “GOOOOO”. It took me a second to realise that he has already said GO, and my peers were already a metre ahead of me. With a lot of will power, I distended enormous amount of energy to push forward. I ran harder and harder and harder and harder. It took me almost 100 metres to level up, the person running first. WOW!!! I felt like a Spartan King, having triumphed an arduous battle, and gave them a small snicker, and marched victoriously, towards the 200m mark. It was during my 150m mark, when I was way ahead of my peers by at least a yard. I was shown that bliss never lasts.

As I was, surpassing the 150m mark, a spicule entered deep into my toes..!!

I clamoured ah…!!! and tumbled straight onto the ground.

Mr. Toastmaster and fellow toastmasters, and the most revered guests..!!

I went home that day, with limping legs, crying eyes and sad voice. I felt that I had failed in life for the first time. Dejected, I drooped towards my mom, and said, “Momma, I’ve failed”. My mom, with a caring tone, appeased me and made me comfortable by making me sit on a bench.
I cried again, “Mom for the first time in my life, I’ve failed..!!”.

My mom with a soothing tone asked me, “Oh son, Look, do you really think this is the first time you failed..??” . With this inquisitive question, in a melancholic tone, I said, “YES”. She said me, “Dear child, you may not know that your birth was not an ordinary one. You were not fully formed when you breathed air for the first time. You came to this earth a month ahead, and everyone called you a “Pre mature Baby”. You were born without knowing time management. Hence you failed miserably at the age of “0”. Do you think you failed for the first time in life..??

My eyes widened and I felt I was bolstered.

When you were two years old, you were about to start switching to two wheeler from a four wheeler. Yes, it was the time, you were about to stand by yourself and began to walk. It was not once, it was not twice, it was not ten times, it was hundreds of times, you tumbled on the ground. You failed at the age of 2. Do you think you failed for the first time in life..??

It was like as if I was charged by a 240V of current passing through my body.

My mom asked me: “Son, why do you think people fail in life..??”

I answered, “Is it because, they deserve it..??”


I gave another attempt, “Is it because, they committed some harsh sins, in their previous birth..??”


My mom said: “Look my child, People fail in life because they can sail in life.”

That day, my mom taught me the best lesson in life.

“You can sail in life only if you fail in life”.

Only because of the reason I was born early, I was given extra special care. I wouldnt have received if otherwise.

Only because of the reason, I failed many times to stand on my own legs, I can walk, I can run and I can kick, with one leg on the floor…!!!

1.At the age of 22, he had failed in his business.
2.At the age of 23, he ran for legislature election and lost.
3.At the age of 24, he failed in another business.
4.At the age of 25, he was elected to legislature.
5.At the age of 26, he had lost his girlfriend.
6.At the age of 27, he had suffered from nervous breakdown.
7.At the age of 29, he was defeated for speaker of the house.
8.At the age of 31, he was defeated for elector.
9.At the age of 34, he was defeated for US Congress.
10.At the age of 37, he was elected to US Congress.
11.At the age of 39, he was defeated for US Congress.
12.At the age of 46, he was defeated for US Senate.
13.At the age of 47, he was defeated for US Vice President.
14.At the age of 49, he was defeated for US Senate.
15.At the age of 51, finally, he was elected as the President for United States of America.

That really makes sense!Here you go, another failure(success) story,

I’ve missed almost 9000 shots in my career,

I lost almost 300 games,

26 times I’ve trusted to take the game winning shot and missed,

I’ve failed over and over and over in my life,

And that is why I succeed. – Michael Jordan


Ladies & Gentleman, you may forget all the secrets to remain successful, except failing.

If you ever want to sail in life, Just fail in life.


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