My Toastmasters Speech, CC#6, The most Precious thing in the world

Life is an Opportunity, benefit from it
Life is a beauty admire it
Life is a dream realize it
Life is a challenge meet it
Life is a duty complete it
Life is a game play it
Life is a promise fulfill it
Life is a sorrow over come it
Life is a song sing it
Life is a struggle accept it
Life is a tragedy confront it
Life is an adventure dare it
Life is luck make it
Life is life fight for it
Life is too precious do not destroy it..!!
Madam Toastmaster of the Day, Fellow Toastmasters and my dear Guests..!!
I had a friend who was very brave, studious and ornerier in nature. His name was Saajan Menon. During my school days, he once said me, “Sandheep, how could these guys tolerate failing in so many subjects…?? If I would have been so, I’d let my life go immediately”, pointing to a floor three storeys up”.
After an year, when we were given the half yearly examination papers, he found that he was one mark away from the pass-limit. Since the teacher did not give that one grace mark, he’d committed suicide in the same place he pointed.
Our batch was considered the most unfortunate ever. Because, we lost two of our good friends in the so-called two important grades of school. One in 10th and the other in 12th.
We had a friend, named Shantharajan. We were so much fond of him. Supplementing his name, he was truly a gem of character. He was so passionate in studying Marine Engineering. But due to some circumstances, he couldn’t get it. With a lot of frustration, he ended his life.
It is so hurting that nowadays suicidal tendencies is so high among the youth in particular and others in general. Almost everyday we read newspapers about such things. Don’t We..??

Life, the most precious thing in the world, a gift of God ~the human Body destroyed for petty matters.
Life is not so cheap to play with. We’ve got this body not by accident, but because of the law of Karma.
If the sufferings are the result of past actions, we have full freedom to change them by performing good actions. Most of the people feel frustrated and commit suicide when their desires are not met. But they forget the eternal law that we get only what we deserve and not what we desire. Why not increase our power of deserving things by sincere and honest hard work. Can’t we make things possible by sheer conviction, faith and belief..??
It hurts that these people can’t understand this simple principle that Failures are nothing but stepping-stones to success. We would have been in darkness at this point of time, if Thomas Alva Edison made a suicide after his 1000 famous failures.
Can you believe the man who created revolution in the recent past, “Anna Hazare” was in a state of mind to commit suicide..?? Only when he was about to end his life, he saw a small booklet of Swami Vivekananda..where he read that, “Blessed are those whose bodies get destroyed in the service of others”. “They alone live who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive”. After reading such inspiring messages, he changed the whole plan of life and started toiling hard for the people of his village. People looked him as their Savior and started Bowing at him. Now the body, which he wanted to destroy by committing suicide and offer it to crows and vultures, is now being honored by millions and millions of people.
Src: Anonymous
These people are failing to understand that sufferings only make us strong than what we are. Sufferings are only related to body and mind but soul within is free from all such bondages.
Blessed are those who learn lessons from sufferings instead of running away from problems by committing suicide.
Life is too precious. Do not destroy it.
If you get such thoughts in mind:
Please Remember!
“Zindagi Na Milaegi Dobara!!”
Life doesn’t have a second chance.
Over to you, Toastmaster of the Day.

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